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Hello 2012 what’s new?

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Hi everyone it’s been awhile but I’m here and is very excited to be working with a new client. Pivothead ( is a cool company that mixes tech with action sports and everyday life with their great video camera sunglasses. What a great idea this is. I’ve always said to myself while I’m on vacation or just doing family outings “Wouldn’t it be great to film what you are seeing?”. Because who wants to have their hands on a camera when you’re busy doing fun stuff? When I heard about this I went straight to Pivothead’s website to see if this was the real thing and am so happy that it is.

I saw that Pivothead¬† was a pretty new company and wanted to see if I can help them brand this cool idea in any way. Well I’m happy to say that they answered and here is what we came up with. This art will be on a micro-fiber cloth that will accompany all the new sunglasses. Also will be on shirts and other stuff in the near future. Thanks to the cool people at Pivothead for letting me be a part of this great product, I hope to be doing many more creative projects with them. Be sure to check them out at .

New Logo works

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Sorry it’s been a long while since I’ve post on this blog. Trying to get use to¬† doing this on my new WordPress website. Kind of relearning it all, at my age teaching a old dog new tricks is very difficult. So anyway here goes.

Recently been having gigs doing logos a lot instead of paintings. I met up with Jeremy Dubs from Wildcard movies in Bellingham and he asked me to help design a logo/icon for Wildcard Movies, and I gladly accepted the work. I’ve always found it a challenge to design stuff like that for people because it’s really a neat process to find out what their company/business is all about and convey that into a graphic.

Doing this for me takes a 3 step process. First it’s the brainstorming and sketching of everything that comes to my head visually of the logo itself. It could be letters and type, illustrations, abstract shapes etc… Then when something catches my eye then I go off in that direction. If it leads to nowhere then I choose another direction and so on. This usually take days to weeks, then it gets to the point where I either have something to show or I walk away from it for a few days then re-visit it again.

So I had a great time doing this logo and another logo/ graphic idea in the form of a tiger. Jeremy originally wanted a series of shirts depicting wild animals to convey the “WILD” theme in the name.

Lucky Snowboards is another company that I had to do a quick logo for. For this it was because I had to design one of the snowboards for Lucky for a fundraiser auction event. The logo was more of a branding type work. I will work more on helping Lucky develop their look and direction for the 2013 line. Can’t wait to get that started.

Skullcandy/Son of a Gun Ads

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How do you determined if you’ve successfully made it? For me one way is to have an ad of yourself in a magazine publication. Well it happened to me. After making contact with Tattoo Empire magazine, Scott Harris was graciously enough to believe in me to offer me a feature in his new magazine. With that Skullcandy was kind enough to give me my own ad and along with that I get my own Son of a Gun ad. Wow Wow and Wow, somebody pinch me. Never in my life that I would imagine this happening of course I would strive for this someday but I guess that day has come. I want to say thanks to all my friends and family who stuck by me and supported me to do what I love doing and that is my art. Thanks to Dan Manning of Manning ShredTography, for taking great shots for the Ad. Thanks to Richard Brown for taking great pictures of the feature spread and thanks to my lovely models Brooke and Brenna (Team Bad Ass) and last but not least a big thanks to my awesome family Nathan, Cyan and my wife Reina. I wouldn’t have done it without you. I hope this is a stepping stone to something great. What ever it is I’m ready for it. Come to think of it don’t pinch me I don’t want to wake up haha.

Tattoo Empire

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What a great month of May this has been. First of all I’ve made a GREAT connection with a really cool British tattoo magazine Tattoo Empire who will be featuring me in their second issue. I tell you this ranks up there next to my kids being born. This is such a great opportunity for me to get my name and art out to a different audience other then action sports. I surely hope this will opens some doors to other great wonderful things that will keep me doing what I love to do and that is art. I want to thank all my friends and my family that have been supporting and believing in me to keep on doing what I do best. My thinking is that it’s now or never and that I can’t look back, just full speed ahead. I guess I won’t believe it until I hold the magazine in my hands. So for this occasion I painted two paintings for the photoshoot which I did with Richard Brown and took a drive around Seattle to get some cool outdoor shots with Dan Manning and at home with a great family shot from Sara Kuntz, they all did a great job thanks to all.

SOAG Beanies!!!

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I have a good friend by the name of Chelsea Powers who has the gift of knitting cool beanies and winter hats. She did these for me and they turned out great, they are my new favorite beanies to wear. They are very well made to keep your dome warm. She has a blog/website Check her out and tell her Son sent cha!!!

Skullcandy time

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So I got into Utah yesterday and made a mad dash to the Skullcandy factory. Finally this year I’ve made it here, last year I was in Utah but was at the opposite direction of them so didn’t make it out and was really bummed. I told them that I would like to come out and do a painting session there if they were up to it. YES was the answer so here I am. It was great seeing the offices finally and meet the people that I know through email and phone conversations. Met Jon Mcfarland a great friend there and Brad Williams, and Tim Odland to name a few. They were all warm and friendly, just what I thought it would be like.

They decided to film and time lapse the whole session with a short interview that will be posted on Skullcandy TV. We had a few problems setting up for the painting session but it was mostly my fault because I was nervous. Thanks to Rob De Luca and Dan Trevino we got it done. All in all it was great time, thanks Skullcandy lets do it again next year or even earlier.


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So here it is finally, the one and only legendary J Dilla. My friend Travis and others have been telling me to get paint Dilla for awhile now but it always seem to slip my mind. After months and years here it is finally, I’m really happy of how it turned out. This painting was done on cold press illustration board with acrylics, paint pens and Prisma color pencils my favorite tools of the trade. I’m making 12 by 18 photo prints out of this for 25.00. If you want one you can email me at . If you like to see more prints go to my Son of a Gun Facebook page .

"The Edge"

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I was asked to be a part of a group show called “The Edge” at the Art Institute of Seattle. This show was to display artist and designer that went to AIS and is now doing work in the action sports industry. I had a good time showing the kids and wife to where I went to art school. My son Nathan especially had a good time drawing on one of the chalk boards at the school. I think he might want to do what daddy does for a living. Got a chance to say hi to Sigrid Cannon, one of my teachers from way back in the days and some others that I had forgotten their names. Good times.

Oopsy! and Facelift

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Two new paintings I did last week and this week. Couldn’t think of what to call it and then thought of “Oopsy!” because my daughter always says that when she know she did something wrong. Kind of cute and reminds me of her. Hope you all like it, my goal is to do at least one painting a week. The other one is called “Facelift” pretty self explanatory, I’m hoping this will get me motivated to produce more art. Anyway enjoy!


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New painting I did last two nights. Been doing mostly east coast Hip Hop icons until my friend Mike Clark suggested some west coast homies. Thanks Mike this one’s for you buddy YEAH YEAH!!!